Photon Tools for Physical Chemistry 2014

PTPC2014 took place from September 28 to October 1, 2014 at Hotel Dorint in Beatenberg. Below you can find a few photos taken in Beatenberg a the conference, together with links to Speaker contributions and web sites.
Flames and reactors
th Baer.jpg
Tomas Baer / A brief history of TPEPICO – and the critical features that make it so powerful
th Knopp.jpg
Gregor Knopp / Physical chemistry with free electron Lasers (FEL) sources: A prospective view on some experiments and concepts
th Tranter.jpg
Robert Tranter / A Chemical Kinetics Shock Tube for Synchrotron Studies (ref)
th Kasper.jpg
Tina Kasper / Disentangling reactive isomers in flames using PEPICO (ref)
th Hansen.jpg
Nils Hansen / Advances and Challenges in Experimental Research of Combustion
th Meloni.jpg
Giovanni Meloni / Multiplexed Synchrotron Photoionization Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Fuel Oxidation Reactions
th Lucassen.jpg
Arnas Lucassen / International (Photo)-Ionization Cross-section Database
Chemical kinetics
th Ahmed.jpg
Musahid Ahmed / Hot Nozzles & Cold Beams: Revealing Ion Chemistry, Solvation, & Combustion (site)
th Ellison.jpg
Barney Ellison / Pyrolysis Mechanism of Cyclopentadienone Revealed by Synchrotron Radiation
th Battin-Leclerc.jpg
Frédérique Battin-Leclerc / Experimental Investigation of the Low Temperature Oxidation of the Five Isomers of Hexane
th Suzuki.jpg
Toshinori Suzuki / Femtosecond Time-Resolved X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Liquids using SACLA
th Loison.jpg
Jean-Christophe Loison / The N + CH3, N + H2CN and N + CH2 reactions: kinetics and products
th Rodriguez.jpg
Anne Rodriguez / Experimental study of the low- and high-temperature oxidation of dimethyl ether in a jet-stirred reactor
th Lee.jpg
Shih-Huang Lee / Investigation of reactions of CnH (n = 1–6) radicals with propyne using synchrotron VUV ionization
th Trevitt.jpg
Adam Trevitt / Product Detection and Kinetic Studies of Combustion Intermediates: Substituted-Phenyl Oxidation Reactions
th Li.jpg
Yuyang Li / Investigation on Combustion Chemistry of Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using Synchrotron and Kinetic Modeling Tools (site)
Spray and particulate matter
th Ossler.jpg
Frederik Ossler / Developments of in-situ X-ray scattering diagnostic tools for studies of combustion and reactive systems
th Yoder.jpg
Bruce Yoder / Barrierless proton transfer across weak CH•••O hydrogen bonds in dimethyl ether dimer (site)
th Powell.jpg
Christopher Powell / X-Ray Diagnostics of Cavitation and Sprays
th Frank.jpg
Jonathan Frank / In-situ Soft X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy of Flames
th Wang.jpg
Chia Wang / VUV Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Aqueous Aerosols
th Alonso-Gil.jpg
Eduardo Alonso-Gil / Studies of combustion engine exhaust: An in-situ laser induced fluorescence oil consumption method and simulations of Diesel particulate matter via laser Desorption time of flight mass spectrometry (ref1, ref2)
th Lin.jpg
Kuo-Cheng Lin / Simultaneous X-ray Radiography And X-ray Fluorescence Measurement for Aerated-Liquid Sprays
th Wilson.jpg
Kevin R. Wilson / Probing Molecular Weight Growth and Decomposition of Organic Particles in Planetary Atmospheres Using Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization Mass Spectrometry (site)
Coincidence spectroscopy
th Sztaray.jpg
Bálint Sztáray / Photoelectron Photoion Coincidence Spectroscopy for High-Accuracy Thermochemistry (…and More!) (ref)
th Kohse-Hoeinghaus.jpg
Katharina Kohse-Höinghaus / Diagnostic issues for clean(er) combustion (site)
th Fischer.jpg
Ingo Fischer / Application of Coincidence Spectroscopy to Inorganic Chemistry (site)
th Okumura.jpg
Mitchio Okumura / Multiplexed Photo-Ionization Mass Spectrometry Studies of Atmospheric Peroxy Radical Reactions
th Lang.jpg
Melanie Lang / Dissociative photoionization and pyrolysis of Diazomeldrum’s acid: A threshold photoelectron spectroscopy study
th Holzmeier.jpg
Fabian Holzmeier / Threshold Photoelectron Spectra of HNCO and the NCO radical
th Garcia.jpg
Gustavo Garcia / Photoelectron spectroscopy of radicals using double imaging coincidence techniques (site)
th Frey.jpg
Hans-Martin Frey / Gas phase structures of small alkanes by femtosecond rotational Raman coherence spectroscopy and ab initio calculations
th Tuckett.jpg
Richard Tuckett / The strange spectroscopy and fragmentation dynamics of the X 2B2 ground state of CH2F2+
th Xiaoguo.jpg
Zhou Xiaoguo / Dissociative photoionization dynamics of vinyl chloride in an excitation energy range of 11.0–14.5 eV
th Xiaofeng.jpg
Tang Xiaofeng / Dissociation of energy-selected CH3F+ ions studied with double imaging photoelectron-photon coincidence
th Custodis.jpg
Victoria Custodis / Lignin Fast Pyrolysis – Mechanistic Studies of Model Compounds
th Goos.jpg
Elke Goos / Investigation of 2-Methylfurane Pyrolysis at The VUV Beamline of The Swiss Light Source
th Fillion.jpg
Jean-Hugues Fillion / Photon Induced Desorption of Interstellar Relevant Ices in The VUV
th Meinert.jpg
Cornelia Meinert / Chiral photons as trigger of life’s asymmetry? (site)
th Joblin.jpg
Christine Joblin / Structure and energetics of PAH clusters of interstellar relevance
th Maier.jpg
John Maier / Electronic Spectra of Organic Radicals and Ions of Relevance to Combustion and Interstellar Space (site)
th Mayer.jpg
Paul Mayer / Exploring the Ion Chemistry of Small Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons with Coincidence Spectroscopy
Catalysis, surfaces and reacted clusters
th Bokhoven.jpg
Jeroen van Bokhoven / X-ray absorption spectroscopy on catalysts, a photon tool to determine structure – performance Relations (site)
th Gantefoer.jpg
Gerd Ganteför / Photoelectron spectroscopy of size-selected cluster ions using Synchrotron Radiation (site)
th Yang.jpg
Xueming Yang / Application of Strong VUV Light Sources in Chemical Dynamics Research
th Vajda.jpg
Stefan Vajda / Catalysis and Electrocatalysis by Clusters: Size, Composition and Support Effects
th Hartfelder.jpg
Urs Hartfelder / Identifying the transient phase in CO oxidation by XAS spectroscopy
th Rothensteiner.jpg
Matthäus Rothensteiner / In situ XAS of ceria redox materials under relevant conditions for solar thermochemical fuel generation
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Pics by Andras Bodi, Patrick Hemberger, David Osborn and Stefan Vajda