Data files produced at PEARL are in HDF5 (photoemission) or Omicron Matrix (STM) format.

For processing photoemission data, PEARL users may download and use our PEARL Procedures with Wavemetrics Igor Pro. The public code repository is hosted at To get the latest version, download a zip file, or pull the git repository. PEARL Procedures require Igor Pro version 6.37 or later.

Use of the code is granted under the Apache license, version 2.0. Please share your significant modifications/development of the code with the beamline staff.

For STM data, we recommend Gwyddion.

After beamtime, raw data can be downloaded via RSYNC or SCP. Users require a special account and permissions to transfer data. See data transfer service for detailed requirements and instructions. PEARL data is stored in the /das/work tree. Raw data is available for 6 months.

Raw data will also be archived and made available for reference in publications in the PSI data catalog. The implementation of the data catalog is currently in progress and will also include data from past beamtimes.