Photon Source

Figure 1: Peak flux density (black line) and vertically integrated flux (red line) of the bending magnet at X03DA.
The PEARL beamline is situated at bending magnet X03DA. The calculated photon flux emitted by this photon source is shown in Fig. 1. Table 1 lists the key parameters.

Parameter Value
Electron energy (GeV) 2.4
Critical energy (keV) 5.36
Magnetic field (T) 1.4
Bending radius (m) 5.729
Total integrated power (W/mrad) 32.7
On-axis power density (W/mrad2) 101
Emittance coupling 0.05%
Vertical source size (μm) 7 (σ)
Horizontal source size (μm) 45 (σ)
Max. horizontal acceptance (mrad) 8