Severe ACcident REsearch group

The severe accident research group is active in:

  • Filtered containment venting systems (FCVS)
  • Iodine retention in aqueous solutions (FCVS, pool scrubbing)
  • Two-phase flow hydrodynamics in the TRISTAN and ISOLDE facilities
  • Reflux condensation in the presence of non-condensable gases
  • Long-term station black-out (SBO) scenarios and accident mitigation
  • Fukushima accident analysis: OECD/NEA BSAF project, fission product transport
  • Safety features of Molten Salt Fast Reactors (SAMOFAR)
  • Spent fuel pool (SFP) analysis and fuel integrity
  • Assessment of MELCOR code
  • Coordination of European MELCOR user group (EMUG) meetings