design PE capsule with screw cap welded aluminium capsule
Sample Requirements    
aggregate phase solid & dry solid & dry
aggregate phase stability until... 90 °C 170 °C
maximum weight of insert 7 g 12 g
maximum diameter of insert 21 mm 22 mm
maximum lenght of insert 40 mm 50 mm
Other Limits    
maximum irradiation-time 2 h 1000 h
maximum activity (StSV appendix 3) 100 LA 10'000 LA
maximum dose rate @ 60cm 100 uSv/h -
Time scale    
time of operation June - December June - December
time for preparation after calculations 1 day 2 weeks
fastest access after irradiation minutes 1 day
thermal neutrons 7e12 n/cm2/s 2.8e13 n/cm2/s
gamma (no data available) (no data available)
NIS Neutron Flux