Bachelor (BSc) and Semester Theses

We offer during the whole year opportunities to carry out semester/bachelor projects within the UCN Physics Group. If you are interested please contact us.

L. Turgut, The caesium magnetometer array of the gradiometer for the n2EDM experiment at PSI, ETH Zürich, 2022

P. Sander, Determination of the hydrogen deuteride concentration in the ultracold neutron source at PSI, ETH Zürich, 2022

R. Röthlisberger, Implementation of a chopper TOF experiment into the MCUCN simulation, ETH Zürich, 2021

D. Höhl, Monte Carlo transport simulations of ultracold neutrons in solid deuterium, ETH Zürich, 2021

L. Morf, Implementing an energy filter for ultracold neutrons, ETH Zürich, 2020

P. Müller, Characterization and measurements with a linear chopper and trigger logic implementation at the UCN source of PSI, ETH Zürich, 2019

S. Schmid, Calculations of minimum coating-thickness for the storage of ultra-cold neutrons on the basis of quantum-reflection and transmission on and through films and more complex surfaces (BSc), ETH Zürich, 2018

Ch. Kündig, Stability comparison of an eight channel current-source and a D-tAcq voltage source (BSc), ETH Zürich, 2018

P. Verwegen, Measurement of the Fermi-potential of diamond-dPE/dPS-mixtures, ETH Zürich, 2018

M. Maresq, Evolution of the cold neutron spectrum in a solid deuterium moderator, and UCN production inside the moderator, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, 2017

E. Chanel, MCNP study of the parameters influencing the UCN yield in a solid deuterium moderator, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, 2016

A. Stauffer, A method of optimization for an adiabatic spin flipper bird-cage coil, ETH Zürich, 2016

Th. Marchais, Calculation of the tritium concentration in solid deuterium from the UCN source at PSI, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, 2015

I. Rienäcker, Spatial distribution of the neutron flux at the PSI UCN source, ETH Zürich, 2015

Philipp Vong, Investigation of alternative converter-moderator configurations for the sD2 moderator at the UCN source at PSI, Université de Caen Basse-Normandie, 2015

S. Scheidegger, New mercury source for the nEDM experiment, ETH Zürich, 2014

H. Becker, Exploring the thermal neutron flux of the PSI UCN source, ETH Zürich, 2013

S. Haas, Beschichtung von Oberflächen für Experimente mit ultrakalten Neutronen, ETH Zürich, 2013

P. Bühlmann, A first attempt to produce DLC coatings for UCN experiments using a vacuum arc technique, ETH Zürich, 2012

Z. De Hua, Development of a laser frequency modulation track as part of the nEDM experiment (BSc), ETH Zürich, 2012

V. Moens, Cathodic arc deposition to produce hydrogen free DLC, ETH Zürich, 2012

P. Nef, Calibration of the CASCADE-U UCN detector, ETH Zürich, 2008

F. Portmann, Search for milli-charged particles, ETH Zürich, 2008