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LRC and BluAct explore innovative filter material

Fission products from the PSI-SINQ gas-jet facility, as operated by LRC, were used to reveal the separation of relevant radionuclides from radioactively contaminated water. The tests were conducted using a novel innovative filter material made of a blend of milk whey and active charcoal on cellulose. This material has been developed by the ETHZ spin-off BluAct Technologies GmbH.

The importance of this project was recently highlithed in ETSON/news

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Umschlag Weissbuch Radiochemie Schweiz

Weissbuch Radiochemie Schweiz

In December 2020, the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT) published its white book on radiochemical education in Switzerland. The report was authored under the lead of Prof. Dr. Roger Alberto (University of Zurich), Dr. Mario Burgener (Spiez Laboratory), and Prof. em. Dr. Heinz W. Gäggeler (University of Bern/Paul Scherrer Institute) and comprises contributions from many experts on the topic from various institutions throughout Switzerland. The white book highlights the imminent loss of experts in the field of radiochemistry and provides solutions to counteract this development.

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Picture showing Prof. Dr. P. Steinegger (appointment)

Radiochemistry at ETH Zurich

As of December 10, 2020, the ETH Zurich appointed PSI’s Prof. Dr. Patrick Steinegger as assistant professor of radiochemistry  (tenure track). Thus, the ETH domain took first counter  measures against the imminent loss of radiochemical expertise  in Switzerland, emphasized in the “Weissbuch Radiochemie  Schweiz” by the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).  Furthermore, the December issue of CHIMIA (Swiss Chemical  Society) invited to present the diverse radiochemical activities  throughout the country.

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ETH Zürich Public Tours 2024

Of Accelerators and Radioactivity

On March 26, 2024, Patrick Steinegger leads visitors of the ETH Zürich Public Tours 2024  through the proton accelerator facility of PSI.

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We are happy to welcome Jelena

Jelena Petrović is a visiting scientist working on the separation and purification of various radionuclides from irradiated targets and radioactive waste. Additionally, she is exploring the utilization of novel radionuclides for diverse applications, including but not limited to medical applications (44Ti/44Sc), geological studies (32Si), astrophysical investigations (26Al, 180mTa), nuclear waste partitioning (110mAg), and catalytic processes (65Zn).


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Pan Xiaohan

We are glad to welcome Pan Xiaohan!

Pan Xiaohan is a visiting PhD student, who works on the removal of radionuclides (110mAg, 129I/131I) from contaminated water.

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