Access rules

The use of the devices is open to other PSI groups and external academic users under certain conditions. The general rules PSI-Weisungen regarding publications, safety, chemicals, toxic materials, radioactive materials, magnetic and electric fields apply explicitly to all activities of LMX and its guests according to PSO Allgemeine Weisungen.

Documentation to the use of resources and general rules about collaborations with other groups can be found here. “Solid State Chemistry Group Laboratories Operation Procedure" can be found here.

The access to the devices will be forbidden in case of non-observance of these rules. We do not charge for measurements or the use of instruments. But in case of costly repairs we can ask regular users to participate in sharing the expenses.


The D8 and the Laue devices are operated and maintained by the staff of the Solid State Chemistry Group at the Laboratory for Materials Experiments (NUM Division). These instruments are important for the Groups scientific activity, which uses them in combination with the techniques available at the PSI large scale facilities (neutron and x-ray scattering, muon spin rotation) for its own material synthesis and characterization research programs.


updated 08. Dec. 2022