Group Publications


  • Cieplak MZ, Zajcewa I, Lynnyk A, Kosyl KM, Gawryluk DJ
    Orbital-selective Mott phase and spin nematicity in Ni-substituted FeTe0.65Se0.35 single crystals
    Physical Review B. 2024; 109(14): 144518 (17 pp.).
  • Pomjakushin VY, Podlesnyak A, Furrer A, Pomjakushina EV
    Long-range three-dimensional magnetic structures of the spin S=1 hexamer cluster fedotovite-like A2Cu3O(SO4)3 (A2 = K2, NaK, Na2): a neutron diffraction study
    Physical Review B. 2024; 109(14): 144409 (11 pp.).
  • Mielke C, Das D, Spring J, Nakamura H, Shin S, Liu H, et al.
    Microscopic study of the impurity effect in the kagome superconductor La(Ru1-xFex)3Si2
    Physical Review B. 2024; 109(13): 134501 (7 pp.).
  • Tam DW, Colonna N, Alarab F, Strocov VN, Gawryluk DJ, Pomjakushina E, et al.
    Flat-band hybridization between f and d states near the Fermi energy of SmCoIn5
    npj Quantum Materials. 2024; 9(1): 26 ( 8 pp.).
  • Islam M, D'Ambrumenil N, Khalyavin DD, Manuel P, Orlandi F, Ollivier J, et al.
    Magnetic structure, excitations, and field-induced transitions in the honeycomb lattice compound Er2Si2 O7
    Physical Review B. 2024; 109(9): 094420 (11 pp.).
  • Hu Y, Ma J, Li Y, Jiang Y, Gawryluk DJ, Hu T, et al.
    Phonon promoted charge density wave in topological kagome metal ScV6Sn6
    Nature Communications. 2024; 15(1): 1658 (9 pp.).
  • Fogh E, Nayak M, Prokhnenko O, Bartkowiak M, Munakata K, Soh JR, et al.
    Field-induced bound-state condensation and spin-nematic phase in SrCu2(BO3)2 revealed by neutron scattering up to 25.9 T
    Nature Communications. 2024; 15(1): 442 (10 pp.).
  • Sadykov II, Palagin D, Krumeich F, Plokhikh IV, van Bokhoven JA, Nachtegaal M, et al.
    Water-assisted generation of catalytic interface: The case of interfacial Pt-FeOx(OH)y sites active in preferential carbon monoxide oxidation
    Journal of Catalysis. 2024; 429: 115263 (11 pp.).
  • Marelli E, Lyu J, Morin M, Leménager M, Shang T, Yüzbasi NS, et al.
    Cobalt-free layered perovskites RBaCuFeO5+δ (R = 4f lanthanide) as electrocatalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction
    EES Catalysis. 2024; 1(2): 335-350.


  • Ciomaga Hatnean VC, Pui A, Simonov A, Ciomaga Hatnean M
    Crystal growth of the R2SiO5 compounds (R = Dy, Ho, and Er) by the floating zone method using a laser-diode-heated furnace
    Crystals. 2023; 13(12): 1687 (14 pp.).
  • Guguchia Z, Gawryluk DJ, Shin S, Hao Z, Mielke C, Das D, et al.
    Hidden magnetism uncovered in a charge ordered bilayer kagome material ScV6Sn6
    Nature Communications. 2023; 14(1): 7796 (8 pp.).
  • Singh D, Fujishiro Y, Hayami S, Moody SH, Nomoto T, Baral PR, et al.
    Transition between distinct hybrid skyrmion textures through their hexagonal-to-square crystal transformation in a polar magnet
    Nature Communications. 2023; 14: 8050 (12 pp.).
  • Conder K
    Material aspects of oxygen isotope effect studies in high-temperature superconductors
    Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications. 2023; 614: 1354376 (6 pp.).
  • Khasanov R, Shengelaya A, Conder K, Karpinski J, Bussmann-Holder A, Keller H
    Oxygen isotope effect on the superfluid density within the d-wave and s-wave pairing channels of YBa2Cu4O8
    Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications. 2023; 613: 1354332 (6 pp.).
  • Skorobogatov SA, Wu LS, Xie T, Shaykhutdinov KA, Pomjakushina EV, Podlesnyak A, et al.
    Pressure control of the spin reorientation transition in the rare-earth orthoferrite YbFeO3
    Physical Review B. 2023; 108(5): 054432 (6 pp.).
  • Tam DW, Colonna N, Kumar N, Piamonteze C, Alarab F, Strocov VN, et al.
    Charge fluctuations in the intermediate-valence ground state of SmCoIn5
    Communications Physics. 2023; 6(1): 223 (11 pp.).
  • Yu BC, Yang JY, Gawryluk DJ, Xu Y, Zhan QF, Shiroka T, et al.
    Neutron scattering and muon-spin spectroscopy studies of the magnetic triangular-lattice compounds A2La2NiW2O12 (A = Sr, Ba)
    Physical Review Materials. 2023; 7(7): 074403 (9 pp.).
  • Wang H, Park TB, Shin S, Kim J, Lee H, Park T
    Temperature-pressure phase diagram of the ferromagnetic Kondo lattice compound CePt Al4Si2
    Physical Review Materials. 2023; 7(7): 075003 (7 pp.).
  • Bigi C, Qiao L, Liu C, Barone P, Ciomaga Hatnean M, Siemann G-R, et al.
    Covalency, correlations, and interlayer interactions governing the magnetic and electronic structure of Mn3Si2Te6
    Physical Review B. 2023; 108(5): 054419 (10 pp.).
  • Cameron AS, Tymoshenko YV, Portnichenko PY, Sukhanov AS, Ciomaga Hatnean M, McK Paul D, et al.
    Adherence of the rotating vortex lattice in the noncentrosymmetric superconductor Ru7B3 to the London model
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter. 2023; 35(42): 425602 (6 pp.).
  • Plokhikh I, Pomjakushin V, Gawryluk DJ, Zaharko O, Pomjakushina E
    On the magnetic structures of 1:1:1 stoichiometric topological phases LnSbTe (Ln = Pr, Nd, Dy and Er)
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. 2023; 583: 171009 (9 pp.).
  • Hepting M, Boyko TD, Zimmermann V, Bejas M, Suyolcu YE, Puphal P, et al.
    Evolution of plasmon excitations across the phase diagram of the cuprate superconductor La2-xSrxCuO4
    Physical Review B. 2023; 107(21): 214516 (18 pp.).
  • Shang T, Zhao JZ, Hu L-H, Gawryluk DJ, Zhu XY, Zhang H, et al.
    Fully gapped superconductivity and topological aspects of the noncentrosymmetric superconductor TaReSi
    Physical Review B. 2023; 107(22): 224504 (10 pp.).
  • Giorgianni F, Wehinger B, Allenspach S, Colonna N, Vicario C, Puphal P, et al.
    Ultrafast frustration breaking and magnetophononic driving of singlet excitations in a quantum magnet
    Physical Review B. 2023; 107(18): 184440 (19 pp.).
  • Shang T, Meng J, Zhu XY, Zhang H, Yu BC, Zhen ZX, et al.
    Fully gapped superconductivity with preserved time-reversal symmetry in NiBi3 single crystals
    Physical Review B. 2023; 107(17): 174513 (9 pp.).
  • Bossin L, Plokhikh I, Christensen JB, Gawryluk DJ, Kitagawa Y, Leblans P, et al.
    Addressing current challenges in OSL dosimetry using MgB4O7:Ce,Li: state of the art, limitations and avenues of research
    Materials. 2023; 16(8): 3051 (17 pp.).
  • Grimmer H
    Boris Gruber's contributions to mathematical crystallography
    Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances. 2023; A79: 295-300.
  • Krieger JA, Tay D, Rusinov IP, Barua S, Biswas PK, Korosec L, et al.
    Hydrogen-impurity-induced unconventional magnetism in semiconducting molybdenum ditelluride
    Physical Review Materials. 2023; 7(4): 044414 (8 pp.).
  • Ge Y, Andreica D, Sassa Y, Nocerino E, Pomjakushina E, Khasanov R, et al.
    Confirming the high pressure phase diagram of the Shastry-Sutherland model
    In: The 15th international conference on muon spin rotation, relaxation and resonance. Vol. 2462. Journal of physics: conference series. Bristol: IOP Publishing; 2023:012042 (6 pp.).
  • Islam M, Ciomaga Hatnean M, Balakrishnan G, Petrenko OA
    Frustrated magnet Mn3Al2Ge3O12 garnet: crystal growth by the optical floating zone method
    Crystals. 2023; 13(3): 397 (13 pp.).
  • Adamus P, Xu B, Marsik P, Dubroka A, Barabasová P, Růžičková H, et al.
    Analogies of phonon anomalies and electronic gap features in the infrared response of Sr14-xCaxCu24O41 and underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+x
    Reports on Progress in Physics. 2023; 86(4): 044502 (32 pp.).
  • Plokhikh IV, Tsirlin AA, Khalyavin DD, Fischer HE, Shevelkov AV, Pfitzner A
    Effect of antifluorite layer on the magnetic order in Eu-based 1111 compounds, EuTAsF (T = Zn, Mn, and Fe)
    Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 2023; 25(6): 4862 (10 pp.).
  • von Arx K, Wang Q, Mustafi S, Mazzone DG, Horio M, Mukkattukavil DJ, et al.
    Fate of charge order in overdoped La-based cuprates
    npj Quantum Materials. 2023; 8(1): 7 (6 pp.).
  • Pomjakushin V, Plokhikh I, White JS, Fujishiro Y, Kanazawa N, Tokura Y, et al.
    Topological magnetic structures in MnGe: neutron diffraction and symmetry analysis
    Physical Review B. 2023; 107(2): 024410 (13 pp.).
  • Li F, Pomjakushin V, Roessli B, Sibille R, Medarde M, Conder K, et al.
    Magnetic structure of R1/3Sr2/3FeO3 (R = Pr, Nd)
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. 2023; 566: 170313 (6 pp.).
  • Plokhikh I, Fabelo O, Prodan L, Wörle M, Pomjakushina E, Cervellino A, et al.
    Magnetic and crystal structure of the antiferromagnetic skyrmion candidate GdSb0.71Te1.22
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds. 2023; 936: 168348 (6 pp.).



  • Bondarenko SI, Prokhvatilov AI, Puźniak R, Piętosa J, Prokhorov AA, Meleshko VV, et al.
    The impact of hydrogenation on structural and superconducting properties of FeTe0.65Se0.35 single crystals
    Materials. 2021; 14(24): 7900 (11 p.).
  • Furrer A, Podlesnyak A, Pomjakushina E, Pomjakushin V
    Imbalanced spin coupling in the copper hexamer compounds A2Cu3O(SO4)3 (A2 = Na2, NaK, K2)
    Physical Review B. 2021; 104(22): L220401 (6 pp.).
  • Khasanov R, Das D, Gawryluk DJ, Gupta R, Mielke C
    Isotropic single-gap superconductivity of elemental Pb
    Physical Review B. 2021; 104(10): L100508 (5 pp.).
  • Allenspach S, Puphal P, Link J, Heinmaa I, Pomjakushina E, Krellner C, et al.
    Revealing three-dimensional quantum criticality by Sr substitution in Han purple
    Physical Review Research. 2021; 3(2): 023177 (18 pp.).
  • Birjukovs M, Trtik P, Kaestner A, Hovind J, Klevs M, Gawryluk DJ, et al.
    Resolving gas bubbles ascending in liquid metal from low-SNR neutron radiography images
    Applied Sciences. 2021; 11(20): 9710 (40 pp.).
  • Jonsson V, Piazza L, Månsson M, Weissenrieder J, Tjernberg O, Khartsev S, et al.
    Photoelectron dispersion in metallic and insulating VO2 thin films
    Physical Review Research. 2021; 3(3): 033286 (11 pp.).
  • Klein YM, Kozłowski M, Linden A, Lacorre P, Medarde M, Gawryluk DJ
    RENiO3 single crystals (RE = Nd, Sm, Gd, Dy, Y, Ho, Er, Lu) grown from molten salts under 2000 bar of oxygen gas pressure
    Crystal Growth and Design. 2021; 21(7): 4230-4241.
  • Guratinder K, Schmidt M, Walker HC, Bewley R, Wörle M, Cabra D, et al.
    Magnetic correlations in the triangular antiferromagnet FeGa2S4
    Physical Review B. 2021; 104(6): 064412 (13 pp.).
  • Ardizzone I, Teyssier J, Crassee I, Kuzmenko AB, Mazzone DG, Gawryluk DJ, et al.
    Raman spectroscopic evidence for multiferroicity in rare earth nickelate single crystals
    Physical Review Research. 2021; 3(3): 033007 (10 pp.).
  • Shang T, Shiroka T
    Time-reversal symmetry breaking in re-based superconductors: recent developments
    Frontiers in Physics. 2021; 9: 651163 (13 pp.).
  • Shang T, Xie W, Zhao JZ, Chen Y, Gawryluk DJ, Medarde M, et al.
    Multigap superconductivity in centrosymmetric and noncentrosymmetric rhenium-boron superconductors
    Physical Review B. 2021; 103(18): 184517 (9 pp.).
  • Marelli E, Gazquez J, Poghosyan E, Müller E, Gawryluk DJ, Pomjakushina E, et al.
    Correlation between oxygen vacancies and oxygen evolution reaction activity for a model electrode: PrBaCo2O5+δ
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition. 2021; 60(26): 14609-14619.
  • Larrea Jiménez J, Crone SPG, Fogh E, Zayed ME, Lortz R, Pomjakushina E, et al.
    A quantum magnetic analogue to the critical point of water
    Nature. 2021; 592(7854): 370-375.
  • Ye X, Zhao J, Das H, Sheptyakov D, Yang J, Sakai Y, et al.
    Observation of novel charge ordering and spin reorientation in perovskite oxide PbFeO3
    Nature Communications. 2021; 12(1): 1917 (11 pp.).
  • Xu Y, Das L, Ma JZ, Yi CJ, Nie SM, Shi YG, et al.
    Unconventional transverse transport above and below the magnetic transition temperature in Weyl semimetal EuCd2As2
    Physical Review Letters. 2021; 126(7): 076602 (7 pp.).
  • Wilke M, Gawryluk DJ, Casati N
    Metastability and seeding effects in the mechanochemical hybrid lead(II) iodide formation
    Chemistry: A European Journal. 2021; 27(19): 5944-5955.
  • Shang T, Xu Y, Gawryluk DJ, Ma JZ, Shiroka T, Shi M, et al.
    Anomalous Hall resistivity and possible topological Hall effect in the EuAl4 antiferromagnet
    Physical Review B. 2021; 103(2): L020405 (7 pp.).
  • Maity SR, Ceretti M, Keller L, Schefer J, Meven M, Pomjakushina E, et al.
    Interdependent scaling of long-range oxygen and magnetic ordering in nonstoichiometric Nd2NiO4.10
    Physical Review Materials. 2021; 5(1): 014401 (9 pp.).


  • Tay D, Shang T, Puphal P, Pomjakushina E, Ott H-R, Shiroka T
    Unusual 27Al NMR shift in the Weyl-fermion systems LaAlGe and PrAlGe
    Physical Review B. 2020; 102(24): 241109(R) (5 pp.).
  • Xiao F, Blackmore WJA, Huddart BM, Gomilšek M, Hicken TJ, Baines C, et al.
    Magnetic order and disorder in a quasi-two-dimensional quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnet with randomized exchange
    Physical Review B. 2020; 102(17): 174429 (10 pp.).
  • Das D, Kobayashi K, Smylie MP, Mielke C, Takahashi T, Willa K, et al.
    Time-reversal invariant and fully gapped unconventional superconducting state in the bulk of the topological compound Nb0.25Bi2Se3
    Physical Review B. 2020; 102(13): 134514 (8 pp.).
  • Shang T, Baines C, Chang L-J, Gawryluk DJ, Pomjakushina E, Shi M, et al.
    Re1-xMox as an ideal test case of time-reversal symmetry breaking in unconventional superconductors
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  • Shengelaya A, La Mattina F, Conder K
    Unconventional transport properties of reduced tungsten oxide WO2.9
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    Local control of improper ferroelectric domains in YMnO3
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  • Conder K, Furrer A, Pomjakushina E
    A retrospective of materials synthesis at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
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  • Liu H, Cao Y, Xu Y, Gawryluk DJ, Pomjakushina E, Gao S-Y, et al.
    Observation of flat bands due to band hybridization in the 3d-electron heavy-fermion compound CaCu3Ru4O12
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    Multigap superconductivity in the Mo5PB2 boron-phosphorus compound
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    Time-reversal symmetry breaking in the noncentrosymmetric Zr3Ir superconductor
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  • Huangfu S, Guguchia Z, Cheptiakov D, Zhang X, Luetkens H, Gawryluk DJ, et al.
    Short-range magnetic interactions and spin-glass behavior in the quasi-two-dimensional nickelate Pr4Ni3O8
    Physical Review B. 2020; 102(5): 054423 (6 pp.).
  • Cho C-woo, Shen J, Lyu J, Atanov O, Chen Q, Lee SH, et al.
    Z3-vestigial nematic order due to superconducting fluctuations in the doped topological insulators NbxBi2Se3 and CuxBi2Se3
    Nature Communications. 2020; 11(1): 3056 (8 pp.).
  • Puphal P, Krebber S, Suard E, Cubitt R, Wang C, Shang T, et al.
    Development of magnetism in the solid solution of Ce1-xPrxAlGe: from magnetic topology to spin glass
    Physical Review B. 2020; 101(21): 214416 (11 pp.).
  • Shang T, Zhao JZ, Gawryluk DJ, Shi M, Medarde M, Pomjakushina E, et al.
    Superconductivity and topological aspects of the rocksalt carbides NbC and TaC
    Physical Review B. 2020; 101(21): 214518 (11 pp.).
  • Furrer A, Podlesnyak A, Clemente-Juan JM, Pomjakushina E, Güdel HU
    Spin-coupling topology in the copper hexamer compounds A2Cu3O(SO4)3 (A=Na, K)
    Physical Review B. 2020; 101(22): 224417 (9 pp.).
  • Pudelko WR, Krzton-Maziopa A, Lynnyk A, Puzniak R, Lawniczak-Jablonska K, Gawryluk DJ, et al.
    Bismuth and oxygen valencies and superconducting state properties in Ba1-xKxBiO3 superconductor
    Physica B: Condensed Matter. 2020; 591: 412226 (7 pp.).
  • Baldini E, Sentef MA, Acharya S, Brumme T, Sheveleva E, Lyzwa F, et al.
    Electron-phonon-driven three-dimensional metallicity in an insulating cuprate
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    Anisotropic character of the metal-to-metal transition in Pr4Ni3O10
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  • Skorobogatov SA, Nikitin SE, Shaykhutdinov KA, Balaev AD, Terentjev KY, Ehlers G, et al.
    Low-temperature spin dynamics in the TmFeO3 orthoferrite with a non-Kramers ion
    Physical Review B. 2020; 101(1): 014432 (8 pp.).
  • Rocco D, Manfroni G, Prescimone A, Klein YM, Gawryluk DJ, Constable EC, et al.
    Single and double-stranded 1D-coordination polymers with 4'-(4-alkyloxyphenyl)-3,2':6',3"-terpyridines and {Cu2(μ-OAc)4} or {Cu43-OH)2(μ-OAc)23-OAc)2(AcO-κO)2} Motifs
    Polymers. 2020; 12(2): 318 (22 pp.).
  • Yang JY, Shen XD, Pomjakushin V, Keller L, Pomjakushina E, Long YW, et al.
    Characterization of magnetic symmetry and electric polarization of YCr0.5Fe0.5O3
    Physical Review B. 2020; 101(1): 014415 (7 pp.).
  • Haydous F, Waag F, Si W, Li F, Barcikowski S, Gökce B, et al.
    The effect of downstream laser fragmentation on the specific surface area and photoelectrochemical performance of barium tantalum oxynitride
    Applied Surface Science. 2020; 510: 145429 (8 pp.).
  • Guguchia Z, Verezhak JAT, Gawryluk DJ, Tsirkin SS, Yin J-X, Belopolski I, et al.
    Tunable anomalous Hall conductivity through volume-wise magnetic competition in a topological kagome magnet
    Nature Communications. 2020; 11(1): 559 (9 pp.).
  • Pietosa J, Puzniak R, Paliwoda D, Paszkowicz W, Katrusiak A, Kamiński R, et al.
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    Superconductor Science and Technology. 2020; 33(4): 045004 (11 pp.).
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  • Puphal P, Allenspach S, Rüegg C, Pomjakushina E
    Floating zone growth of Sr substituted Han Purple: Ba0.9Sr0.1CuSi2O6
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  • Haydous F, Si W, Guzenko VA, Waag F, Pomjakushina E, El Kazzi M, et al.
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  • Dudin P, Herriott D, Davies T, Krzton-Maziopa A, Pomjakushina E, Conder K, et al.
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  • Rocco D, Prescimone A, Klein YM, Gawryluk DJ, Constable EC, Housecroft CE
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