Projects of Neutron Optics and Scientific Computing group

Focusing neutrons in neutron scattering experiments is a known technic to increase the performance of the experiments. Normally static neutron lenses are used. In the project we are developing a device which is very flexible related to selected neutron divergence, sample size and position. 
Contact: U.Filges

The signal to noise ratio is the most important criteria of the performance of a neutron scattering instrument. We are investigating Sapphire filters to decrease the background of fast neutrons at the sample position. 
Contact: E. Rantsiou / U.Filges

Since many years we are involved in the developing of the Monte Carlo ray-tracing program McStas. Presently we are working on the coupling of McStas with the full Monte Carlo code MCNPX. 
Contact: E. Rantsiou / U.Filges

Neutron focusing devices can improve essentially the performance of neutron scattering instruments. However, for an optimum performance they have to be as close as possible to the sample, what means the should be incorporated into sample environment (like pressure cells & cryostats). Within the project we are developing such neutron lenses. 
Contact: M. Bartkowiak / U.Filges