Skills: Mechanical Engineering

The group Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has knowledge in the following skills of mechanical and physical engineering:
  • design
  • developments and studies
  • calculations
  • production
  • assembly
  • maintenance
  • repair
Below there is a short summery of these skills. Further information is available ( Mechanical and Electrical Engineering).


neutrons- and muons-instruments, neutron-optics, neutron-shielding, gamma-shielding, magnetically-shielding, detector-shielding, unmagnetisable mechanics, vacuum, cryogenic, glass, silicon, ceramic, plastic, concrete

Muons High Magnetic Field Instrument
sample table with optical bench

Developments and studies

vibration analysis, test and evaluation of equipments inside magnetic fields

vibration analysis
high magnetic field test device


magnetic fields, strength, stress, deformation (elastic and plastic), dynamics

guide field by Comsol
elastic deformation by Ansys


milling, turning, drilling, TIG-welding, fine mechanics, sample holders, neutron-shielding

SINQ workshop


neutrons- & muons-instruments, fine mechanics, metrology, magnetising of polarisation equipments, neutron-optics, neutron-shielding, gamma-shielding, magnetically-shielding, detector-shielding, cryogenic, crane-operation

worm gear EIGER
neutron guide
neutron adaptive optic


chopper bearing change, chopper weigh heavy, science instruments, He3-cleaning

chopper drive
chopper test device


granite floor (for use of air cushion-pads) lapping and stabilizing, neutron-optics, science instruments

stabilizing of granite floor