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Researchers deciphered the structure of an ion channel from the rod cells of the eye (shown in blue) while it interacts with the protein calmodulin (purple).

Calcium sensor helps us to see the stars

New insight into how the protein calmodulin interacts with an ion channel in the eye could explain how our eyes achieve remarkable sensitivity to dim light.

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How vision begins

Media Releases SwissFEL Biology Health Innovation

PSI scientists have discovered the very first step occurring in the eye when light hits the retina.

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Medikamente mit Licht an- und abschalten

Using light to switch drugs on and off

Media Releases Health Innovation SwissFEL SLS

PSI researchers record a molecular film of a cancer drug fitted with a photoswitch. This opens new insights for drug developers.

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Thomas Mortelmans

New, better coronavirus rapid test

Media Releases Health Innovation Medical Science

The test identifies different virus variants and improves disease prognosis.

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Teaser Tubulin

Cell cytoskeleton as target for new active agents

Media Releases Research Using Synchrotron Light Biology Health Innovation

Using a combination of computer simulations and laboratory experiments, PSI researchers have identified new binding sites for active agents on the vital protein tubulin.

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Petr Skopintsev (links), Jörg Standfuss (Mitte) und Christopher Milne (rechts) an der Experimentierstation Alvra am Freie-Elektronen-Röntgenlaser SwissFEL

Elucidating the mechanism of a light-driven sodium pump

Media Releases SwissFEL Biology

Researchers at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI have succeeded for the first time in recording a light-driven sodium pump from bacterial cells in action. The findings promise progress in developing new methods in neurobiology. The researchers used the new X-ray free-electron laser SwissFEL for their investigations.

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