EnEfficient - an activity within the European effort

Energy Efficiency of Particle Accelerators (EnEfficient)

Today particle accelerators have a broad range of applications in fundamental science, medicine and industry. In the past the achievement of performance goals such as beam energy, beam power or other qualifying beam parameters were the primary objectives for accelerator development. With the advanced technologies available today it is often well known how such goals can be achieved, and now the efficient and cost effective utilization of electrical power gets increasingly into focus. Within the network EnEfficient our aim is to address several topics related to the energy efficiency of particle accelerators and to stimulate advances and innovations in this field. EnEfficient is primarily a network of research laboratories and academic institutions. The main activity of the network will be information exchange between participating parties and the organisation of workshops. The presentations and results of these workshops will be made publically available. A description of the topics that will be considered is given below…

Presentation at IPAC15, Richmond (pdf)

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