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Lubna Dada

Deciphering the Skies: Lubna Dada receives Ambizione grant funding for "BioPSI" Atmospheric Research Project

Lubna Dada, Scientist at the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry (LAC) at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) was granted the Ambizione Grant 2023 with her project “Biological Particle Sources and Impact (BioPSI)”. Lubna’s journey of her visionary research project “BioPSI” is set to commence in January 2024, with the anticipation of welcoming a PhD student into the project.

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Lubna Dada Swiss Aerosol Prize 2023

Lubna Dada wins Swiss Aerosol Award 2023!

Dr. Lubna Dada, scientist at the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry, at Paul Scherrer Institute received the Swiss Aerosol Award 2023 from the Swiss Lung Foundation in Bern for her excellent work on warm airmass intrusions from mid-latitudes into the Arctic. 

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New Study Reveals Surprising Climate Benefits of Agriculture

The big challenges our planet faces—like climate change, food supply, water, and biodiversity—are all interlinked. While agriculture continues to be the primary source of food for human kind, it imposes climate challenges especially through emissions like greenhouse gases and ammonia. To solve this, we need a new approach that reduces the harmful effects of farming on the climate. 

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How trees influence cloud formation

Media Releases Energy and Climate Environment

Researchers at PSI have taken a closer look at a previously disregarded factor in the formation of clouds. This could improve the accuracy of climate forecasting.

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How can cobalt be reduced in EV batteries?

Energy and Climate ESI Platform Energy transition

The electrification of transport is increasing. This means, more batteries are needed. However, some of these batteries contain an extremely problematic raw material: cobalt. PSI is researching alternatives.

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Emanuele Moioli

Revolutionizing Renewable Processes: Ambizione Grant Winner Emanuele Moioli

Emanuele Moioli is one of the recipients of the prestigious Ambizione Grant awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) on a yearly basis. With the great news of his award having arrived in August 2022, Moioli embarks on the journey of his groundbreaking project titled “Moving catalyst vs. Multi-catalyst: determination of the best reactor for the processing of unconventional feedstock,” set to commence this August 2023.

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