Large-Scale Projects

A selection of projects run by the PSI Center for Energy and Environmental Sciences:

One Innosuisse Flagship project:

  • DeCIRRA - Decarbonisation of CIties and Regions with Renewable gAses:
    • Host institution: PSI
    • Consortium (without cooperation partners): ZHAW, OST, HSLU, HEIG-VD, UniLu, ETHZ
    • Total budget: CHF 5.3 m, of which CHF 2.7 m to be met by Innosuisse.
    • Duration: 4 years

Three "Swiss Energy Research for the Energy Transition" (SWEET) projects: 

  • SURE - SUstainable and Resilient Energy for Switzerland
    • Host institution: PSI
    • Consortium (without cooperation partners): ETHZ, EPFL, USI, TEP-Energy, SUPSI, UniBE, UniGE, ZHAW, E3-MODELLINGS.A.
    • Total budget: CHF 9.1m, of which CHF 6m to be met by SWEET.
    • Duration: 6 years
  • PATHFNDR - PATHways to an Efficient Future Energy System through Flexibility aND SectoR Coupling
    • Host institution: ETHZ
    • Consortium (without cooperation partners): EMPA, PSI, ZHAW, HSLU, UniGE, EPFL
    • Total budget: CHF 22.2m, of which CHF 8m to be met by SWEET.
    • Duration: 6 years
  • EDGE - Enabling Decentralized renewable GEneration in the Swiss cities, midlands, and the Alps
    • Host institution: EPFL
    • Consortium (without cooperation partners): ETHZ, UniGE, UniBE, HSG, HSLU, ZHAW, BFH, PSI, WSL, SUNWELL, Basler&Hofmann AG
    • Total budget: CHF 21.2m, of which CHF 8m to be met by SWEET.
    • Duration: 6 years