Dr. Alun Ashton


Department Head AWI
Building/Room: OBBA/214

Paul Scherrer Institut
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI


Dr. Alun Ashton is an accomplished professional with a strong academic background and over 25 years of experience in Science IT. Holding a Master's degree in Biological Computation from the University of York and a PhD in XRay and Neutron scattering from University College London, he is dedicated to advancing scientific research through computational methodologies.

Currently serving as the Head of the Science IT Infrastructure and Services Department at PSI, Dr. Ashton leads a team responsible for various activities, from real-time experiment feedback to long-term data preservation. His expertise includes applying advanced algorithms like Machine Learning to support the science program of the Swiss Photon and Neutron sources.

His journey includes a significant role at Diamond Light Source in the UK, where he led the Data Analysis Software group. There, he oversaw the development of software for analyzing data across 120 different experimental techniques, including Electron Microscopy. His responsibilities included real-time experiment feedback, information management, and integrating methodologies like artificial intelligence.

Throughout his career, Dr. Alun Ashton has collaborated with international partners and internal software groups, ensuring optimal support for experiments and research. In his role at PSI, he aims to use his professional network to tackle challenges and seize opportunities related to SLS2.0. His commitment to excellence and innovative approaches makes him a valuable asset to PSI and the broader scientific community.