Data Curation Group

The data curation group provides services  and tools for data management, open research data and meta data management. Support for electronic logbooks is in preparation

Our main tasks are:

  • operate the central data catalog to allow to annotate, store, publish and archive data
  • operate the  interface to the petabyte archive
  • manage the processes of data ingestion
  • interface to related systems, in particular to the digital user office DUO and the Identity management system for account and group handling.
  • support for electronic logbooks (in preparation)
  • Workpackage lead in ExPANDS EU FP7 program
  • consultation in SciCat related question
  • collaboration in international developer teams for the SciCat project

The main services we are running are:

  • the data catalog
  • the electronic logbook service (in preparation)
  • consultation in SciCat related question