we develop detectors for specific applications at synchrotrons and XFELs and do detector research

The detector group of the Photon Science Division has a long standing history in the development of single photon counting X-ray hybrid detectors for synchrotrons. The development started with MYTHEN and PILATUS and we are now working on the next generation of single photon counting detectors (EIGER).

We are also involved in the development of charge integrating X-ray pixel detectors for XFELs. We are part of the AGIPD consortium for the development of the AGIPD detector for the european XFEL, we are developing the GOTTHARD microstrip detector and we also started with JUNGFRAU, a new pixel detector for Swissfel.

More information about the individual detectors can be found on the projects pages.

Our main interests in detector research are the optimization of position resolution by making pixels smaller and by using the charge sharing effect to obtain the maximum information about the absorption position of the photon. For this we have also done a lot of studies of the charge sharing itself mainly on microstrip detectors and we are now developing the MOENCH pixel detector with 25um pitch and capable of interpolating in 2D. We are also working on new sensor materials to increase the efficiency at higher energies by using high-Z sensor materials (CdTe) or thick Si sensors.

More information on this topic can be found on the research pages.