Former Project Members

Si, Wenping Dr.
July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2017, Postdoc,
Topic: Photochemical water splitting
Fluri, Aline
May 2013 - April 2017, in cooperation with the Electrochemical Materials group of Prof. Jennifer Rupp Dep. of Materials, ETHZ Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Strain Engineering in Thin Film Electrolytes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Palla-Papavlu, Alexandra Dr.
Sept 1, 2014 - February 31, 2017, Sen. Scientist,
Topic: Laser Induced Forward Transfer
Ojeda Gonzalez-Posada, Alejandro
May 2013 - Dec 2016, in cooperation with The Günther Group (LAC), and The Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics, ETHZ Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Physical Processes in Pulsed Laser Deposition Link Thesis
Shimamoto, Kenta
May 2013 - Dec 2016, in collaboration with LNS, LDM and the Microscopy & Magnetism Group at the SLS Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Strain Engineering of Multiferroic Orthorhombic Rare-Earth Manganate Thin Films Link Thesis
Lee, Michael Dr.
2014 - July 2016, PostDoc, Marie-Curie Fellow

Pichler, Markus
2012 - 2016, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Photocatalytically active lanthanum titanium oxynitrides: an investigation of structural electronic and photoelectrochemical properties Link Thesis
Temmel, Sandra
2012 - 2016, cooperation with Prof. T.J. Schmidt and Dr. E. Fabbri at the Electrochemistry Laboratory, PSI Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Design and Characterization of Strained Epitaxial Thin Film Model Catalysts: A Combined Physical and Electrochemical Study Link Thesis
Filipescu, Mihaela Dr.
September, 2014 - February, 2015, PostDoc,
NANO-SENS (SCIEX project): Laser printing of hybrid nanocomposite chemiresistors
Janke, Daniel
2014 - Oct. 2014, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Positive or negative? Selecting the charge state of ions during pulsed laser deposition of thin films.
Kylberg, William Dr.
June, 2014 - December, 2014, Scientist,
Photoelectrochemistry and photocatalysis on inorganic thin films (TiO2, LaTiO2N)
Chen, Jikun
2011-2014, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Negative ions: the overlooked species in thin film growth by pulsed laser deposition Link Thesis
Palla-Papavlu, Alexandra Dr.
February 1, 2013 - January 31, 2014, PostDoc,
ALECSA - Application of laser induced forward transfer for the fabrication of a flexible carbon nanotube sensor array
Stender, Dieter
2009-2013, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Single crystalline films of ion conductors Link Thesis
Mattle, Thomas
2009-2013, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Laser-induced forward transfer used for sensing applications Link Thesis
Bator, Matthias
2009-2013, cooperation with Prof. C. Niedermayer at the Laboratory for Neutron Scattering and Imaging, PSI Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Characterization of multiferroic thin films Link Thesis
Hu, Yi
2009-2013, cooperation with Prof. M. Kenzelmann at the Laboratory for Scientific Developments and Novel Materials, PSI Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Fabrication and characterization of multiferroic thin films Link Thesis
Shaw-Stewart, James
2008-2012, cooperation with Prof. F. Nüesch, Empa Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Optimising the fabrication of organic light-emitting diodes by laser-induced forward transfer Link Thesis
Esposito, Martin
2008-2011, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Thin Metal Oxide Films by PLD: Tracing the Oxygen and Understanding its Role Link Thesis
Simmen, Franziska
2006-2010, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Pulsed Laser Deposition zur Herstellung von Modellphasengrenzen für elektrochemische Untersuchungen Link Thesis
Heiroth, Sebastian
2006-2010, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich, Received ETH medal
Pulsed Laser Deposition of Functional Electroceramic Thin Films for Micro Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications Link Thesis
Seyfang, Bernhard
2006-2009, cooperation with Dr. G. Scherer Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Simplification and investigation of polymer electrolyte fuel cells using micro-patterened glassy carbon flow fields Link Thesis
Marozau, Ivan
2006-2009, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Pulsed laser deposition and characterisation of perovskite-type oxynitride thin films Link Thesis
Fardel, Romain
2006-2009, cooperation with Dr. F. Nüesch, Empa Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich, Received ETH medal
Laser-Induced Forward Transfer for the Fabrication of Patterned Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Link Thesis
Heule, Stefan
2004-2008, cooperation with Professor U. Straumann Ph.D. Student, University Zürich
Production, Characterization and Reflectivity Measurements of Diamond-like Carbon and other Ultracold Neutron Guide Materials Link Thesis
Kiristopuryan, Arda
2008, Semester Student,
Fluorite-type solid electrolyte layers by aerosol assisted CVD & PLD
Canulescu, Stela
2004-2007, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Growth and characterization of thin manganite films and in-situ analysis of the laser-induced plasma Link Thesis
Urech, Lukas
2003-2007, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Design and characterization of energetic polymers applied in laser space propulsion Link Thesis
Dumont, Thomas
2001-2005, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Laser interaction with materials: From transparent materials to thin films Link Thesis
Kopitkovas, Giedrius
2001-2005, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich, Received ETH medal
Laser Micromachining: New concept for the fabrication of micro-optical elements in UV transparent materials Link Thesis
Kuhnke, Markus
2001-2005, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Fabrication and characterization of micro-structured glassy carbon electrodes for miniaturized fuel cells Link Thesis
Graubner, Vera-Maria Dr.
2001-2004, cooperation with Professor O. Nuyken Ph.D. Student, TU Munich
Modification of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) for the Computer-to-Plate Driography Link Thesis
Montenegro, Macarena Dr.
2000-2004, cooperation with Professor J. Osterwalder Ph.D. Student, University Zürich
Perovskite thin films deposited by pulsed reactive crossed beam laser ablation as model system for electrochemical applications Link Thesis
Hauer, Marc Dr.
2000-2004, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Laser ablation of polymers studied by time resolved methods Link Thesis
Lobpreis, Juergen
2003, Summer Student,
Emission spectroscopy during pulsed laser deposition of La-Ca-Co-Oxides
Meissner, Katharina
2001, Diploma Student,
Comparison of LIBS with Laser-ablation ICP-MS
Salmio, Hanna
2001, Summer Student,
Characterisation of excimer lamps
Wei, Jiang Dr.
1998-2000, Ph.D. Student, ETH Zürich
Part A: Influence on the Chemical Decomposition of Carbamate Pesticides, Part B: UV Laser Induced Microstructuring of Novel Polymers Link Thesis
Grimm, Matthias
2000, Summer Student,
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)