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Project Description Duration Contact / E-mail
Arctic Ocean 2018 The Arctic Ocean Expedition 2018 Details AeP 2018 Julia Schmale,

ACE-SPACE Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition Details AeP 2016-2017 Julia Schmale,

ERC-CoG-BLACARAT AeP 2016-2019 Martin Gysel Beer,

SNF China-XRF Trace elements in ambient aerosols and their sources in large Chinese cities Details GAC 2016-2020 Markus Furger,

BAFU Ozone PM Trends Effects of radiation changes on trends
Details GAC
2014-2017 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

PSI AMS-VUV Aerosol Mass Spectrometric Studies of Atmospheric Aerosol Composition and Unimolecular Reactions using Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization Details GAC 2014- André Prévôt,

Ship Engine Emissions Details GAC 2014 André Prévôt,

Estonia 2014 Chemical composition of atmospheric gases and aerosols in Estonia Details GAC 2014 André Prévôt,

AEROLIT Aerosols in Lithuania. Detail GAC 2013-2016 André Prévôt,

China 2013-2014 Details GAC, SCG 2013-2014 André Prévôt,

CCES/CCEM OPTIWARES Aerosol particles from wood combustion and their effect on climate and health Details GAC, AeP 2012-2016 Urs Baltensperger,

EuroDelta3 EuroDelta3 Project Details GAC 2012-2015 Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

ClearfLo at PSI Clean Air for London - the PSI contribution Details GAC 2011-2014 André Prévôt,

EU ACTRIS Integrating European ground-based stations equipped with advanced atmospheric probing instrumentation Details AeP, GAC 2011-2015 Urs Baltensperger,

EU PEGASOS Development and employment of a new instrument to measure the particles hygroscopic properties on board of a Zeppelin. Details AeP, GAC 2011-2014 Martin Gysel,

NF XRF-PMF Sources of trace elements in aerosols using synchrotron-XRF Details GAC 2011-2014 Markus Furger,

14C in Switzerland Fossil and non-fossil carbon in aerosol in Switzerland Details GAC 2005-2014 André Prévôt,

ITN CLOUD Investigation of various aspects of the interactions of cosmic rays with aerosols and clouds Details AeP, GAC 2008-2012 Urs Baltensperger,

GAW Monitoring Continuous aerosol measurements performed at the high alpine site Jungfraujoch within the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) program of the World Meteorological Organization Details AeP 1995- Martin Gysel,

CLACE GAW Plus Series of numerous intensive field campaigns to investigate the interaction of aerosol particles with clouds through droplet and ice crystal formation Details AeP 2000- Martin Gysel,

BAFU Aerosol Import Source Apportionment Modelling for Aerosols in Switzerland: Contribution from abroad Details GAC 2010- Sebnem Aksoyoglu,

Aethalometer Aerowood Use of Aethalometer, 14C, AMS, GC-MS, IC-MS to derive the influence of wood burning in Roveredo, Switzerland Details GAC, AeP 2006- André Prévôt,

Mobile Measurements Using the Mosquita at various locations in Switzerland (Measurements OF Spatial Quantitative Immissions of Traces gases and Aerosols) Details GAC 2003- André Prévôt,

Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Switzerland Campaigns at various locations using the aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) Details GAC 2004- André Prévôt,