Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions

Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions Group

The vision of the Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions Group is to understand the role of natural emissions in the anthropogenically perturbed atmosphere. Atmosphere-biosphere interactions play an important role in the Earth system through the carbon, water, and nutrient cycles. The quantification of the impact of anthropogenic energy generation and use on the atmosphere thus also requires understanding of the impact from the biosphere, including forest, agricultural and marine ecosystems.

Our mission is to measure and characterize the emissions from the biosphere, to investigate their reactions in the atmosphere, especially their interactions with anthropogenic pollutants, and to assess their fate. Special focus lies on their role in cloud formation and related climate feedbacks. We use advanced analytical tools such as mass spectrometers in the laboratory, mostly our smog chamber facility, and on field campaigns, together with long-term data in combination with modelling efforts on various scales, to assess biosphere-atmosphere interactions.