GAW Longterm Aerosol Monitoring at the High-Altitude Research Station Jungfraujoch

Duration: Continuous since 1995
Funding: GAW-CH coordinated by the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology (MeteoSwiss)
Contact: Benjamin Brem ( and Martin Gysel-Beer (

Table of Contents

Inlets for continuous aerosol observations at the Jungfraujoch research station.

In 1988 the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) initiated an aerosol research programme at the high Alpine Research Station Jungfraujoch (3580 m asl). Since 1995 the Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry at PSI has been responsible for the continuous aerosol measurements performed at Jungfraujoch within the Swiss contribution to the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) program of the World Meteorological Organization. In Europe, the GAW program is tightly linked to the Aerosol, Clouds and Traces Gases Research Infrastructure (ACTRIS). This site also serves as a platform for international research projects to investigate aerosol processes and environmental impacts through e.g. their interaction with solar radiation or clouds.

The broader aim of our longterm observations and associated research projects performed at the high-altitude research station Jungfraujoch is to achieve a better understanding of the live-cycle of atmospheric aerosols and their climate and weather impacts. Given the location high up in the alps, its is possible to probe free tropospheric background aerosol and to investigate transport events of particles originating from within the polluted planetary boundary layer, where the vast majority of aerosol emissions occur. Specific topics include:

Environmental impacts of atmospheric aerosols depend on many different physical, optical and chemical properties of the particles which are highly variable in time and space. Furthermore, many additional atmospheric parameters influence aerosol processes driving these impacts. In order to understand these processes and to quantify aerosol impacts, it is therefore of crucial importance to run multi-site and multi-parameter atmospheric observation networks and to make acquired data available to the research community.

Visualizations of current concentration and properties of aerosol particles observed at the Jungfraujoch research station are presented in near real-time at:

Quality controlled aerosol data are made available through the portal of the EBAS database infrastructure, which serves as international data center hosting atmospheric composition data from the GAW ( and several other observation networks.

The following aerosol parameters are measured on a continuous basis at the Jungfraujoch:


Employed method
or instrument



Particulate mass concentration

TSP, PM10, PM1


HiVol, Gravimetry, Fidas
Betagauge (discontinued)




2006 – ongoing

Aerosol chemical composition

In different size fractions


Aerosol mass spectrometry
and Ion chromatography


PSI and Empa


1999 – ongoing

Light absorption coefficient

At multiple wavelengths
(from 370 to 950 nm)


Aethalometer and MAAP




1995 – ongoing

Light scattering coefficient

Light scattering coefficient and
backscattering coefficient
(at 3 visible wavelengths)






1995 – ongoing

Particle number concentration

With diameter >10 nm


Condensation particle counter (CPC)




1995 – ongoing

Particle size distribution

Fine and coarse modes


Mobility particle size spectrometer (MPSS)
and Aerodynamic Particle sizer (APS)




2008 – ongoing

Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN)

CCN number concentration
at various supersaturations


Cloud condensation nuclei counter (CCNC)




2008 – ongoing

Aerosol optical depth

At multiple wavelengths
(380, 440, 500, and 870 nm)


Precision Filter Radiometer (PFR)




1999 – ongoing


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