About LAC

The laboratory consists of three groups working in the fields of gas phase and aerosol chemistry, aerosol physics, and smog chamber studies. The results are published in scientific journals, books, conference proceedings, project reports and - to an increasing degree - on the internet. 

LAC's mission

We are involved in national and international projects that focus on particulate matter in the atmospheric boundary layer. We deploy a variety of specialized, modern, off-the-shelf or self-developed instruments for field and laboratory experiments (smog chamber, mobile laboratory, ad-hoc field sites). We are continuously measuring at the high-alpine Jungfraujoch research site. Field and laboratory data are interpreted with numerical and statistical models. 

We collaborate with Universities, Government Laboratories, and private companies all over the world. 


  • Investigation of key processes determining the gas phase and aerosol composition in the polluted atmospheric boundary layer, and the identification of the pollutants' sources and sinks
  • Study of the impact of anthropogenic air pollution to the Alpine and other regions, including the biosphere