Dr. Anne Bonnin


Beamline Scientist
TOMCAT Beamline

Paul Scherrer Institute
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Specialized in X-ray imaging (micro and nano-tomography, single-distance phase-retrieval) and powder diffraction (XRD-CT), my research interest focuses on developing new imaging methods to characterize materials and understand their behavior.

Since 2014, I am in charge of the TOMCAT nanoscope. This full field imaging setup allows to get a spatial resolution around 150 nm between 10-18 keV on sample of 50µm2. The setup can be used for absorption or phase contrast imaging. In this case, Zernike phase contrast is exploit to enhance contrast for phase objects.

As local contact, I collaborate with international researchers material sciences related (e.g. nuclear materials, explosives identification, cement hydration , ...) as well as paleontology (hominid dental microstructure , fossil as rock slabs) and biomedical applications (cardiac tissue imaging).

Since 2016, I lead the Heart Imaging Project. The main goal of this international project is to quantify the cardiac macro and micro-structure using synchrotron based X-ray Phase Contrast Imaging (X-PCI). We aim at providing new insights of the cardiac morphology at micrometre scale, non-destructively, without the use of contrast agents and in 3D. With the high resolution provided by X-PCI, we can have access for instance on the myofibres arrangement, vessels and trabeculation organization, and how they change with disease. Those informations are crucial for future clinical applications, not only to understand heart remodelling and the different patterns in cardiovascular disease, but also to provide more personalized and adapted treatments. For this purpose, we are developing dedicated acquisition methodology but also new analysis techniques based on Machine Learning algorithms.
During my PhD at the INSA de Lyon (France), I studied the physical properties of materials in order to discriminate explosive to common materials (see my PhD here). Then, I spent four years in the X-ray imaging group at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (Grenoble, France) where I gained experience in X-ray diffraction and X-ray phase contrast tomography. In April 2014, I joined the X-ray Tomography Group at PSI as post-doc in the Phase Contrast core of the CIBM (EPFL). Since January 2016, I am Beamline Scientist Tenure Track at the TOMCAT Beamline.

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An up-to-date publication list can be found here or in my orcid account https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5537-8682

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