Remote Operation of the PEEM Endstation

We have recently upgraded the PEEM endstation at the SIM beamline to enable remotely controlled experiments via internet and mailed-in samples. Sample positioning and tilt control is now possible by means of a motorized sample stage. A newly developed computer controlled switchbox is available for remote temperature control and in situ application of electric or magnetic fields to the sample.

Current features of the PEEM endstation are:

  • hybrid electron detector (EIGER ) (for details see
  • Motorized sample stage
  • Computer-controlled switchbox
  • Azimuthal sample rotation (only local operation)
  • XPEEM (XAS, XMCD, XMLD, XLD) and microXPS mode
  • LEEM and microLEED (only local operation)
  • Temperature range: 60 K – 2000 K
  • Operation from 10-10 mbar to 10-3 mbar (gas dosing only local)