Source Characteristics

Figure 1: Front End
The microXAS beamline will be located at the long straight section X05L hosting the radiator and the modulator. A minigap in-vacuum undulator (U19) serves as radiation source and will provide high brightness X-rays in the energy range ~5 - ~20 keV [7]. A schematic drawing of the front-end components is given in Figure 1(side view). Briefly, the front-end includes

Power Management Components
  • a moveable diaphragm (A19)
  • a water-cooled CVD-diamond filter unit that can be moved in the vertical direction by means of a pneumatic manipulator (A25). Although the filter unit is physically in the optics hutch, it belongs from a conceptual point of view to the frontend.
Diagnostic Components
  • 2 Photon Beam Position Monitors (A3, A15)
Safety Components
  • photon shutter (A7)
  • fast valve (A10)
  • beam stopper (A12)
All components described above are Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) components. Two beams, (i) the undisturbed U19 beam and (ii) the sliced FEMTO beam, will pass though all frontend components (except the moveable diaphragm) without changing any position of components in both operation modes.