NICOS Implementation

To access NICOS, from a terminal prompt:

  • ssh -XY boa@boa
  • marche-gui
  • nicos-gui

Then login as:

  • username: user
  • password: 24lns1

When starting a new beamtime,

  1.  From the "Setup - Experiment" page: fill in the proposal number, experiment title, users, local contact, sample name(optional), notifications
  2.  From the "Setup - Instrument" page: select the desired component and tick them on then click "Apply"

The "Instrument interaction" provides an interface to see the motors position and interact with them.

The "Batch file generation" provides an interface to prepare scripts for the motor control. The language is python and basic packages such as numpy are available. Please save the scripts in the folder: /home/boa/PROPOSALNUMBER/

Useful commands:

  • show_table_config(): shows tables configurations to see which instruments are loaded
  • XXXX.addSetup(): add instrument to a table XXXX
  • XXXX.removeSetup(): remove instrument to a table XXXX
  • boadiscover(): scans for instruments

Lens magnification Field of View (mm²) Pixel size (μm) dccdatz value NICOS
about x0.47 (marked) 64x64 31.2 288
x0.5 75x75 36.6 252
x0.6 110x110 53.7 155
x0.7 135x135 65.9 55