SwissNuclear project: Iodine Retention

The retention of Iodine during severe accidents in nuclear power plants will be investigated in the following aspects
  • Modelling of iodine retention in liquid pools (both filtered containment venting systems FCVS and suppression pools). Aspects of both hydrodynamic and chemical kinetic behavior are addressed. Experimental studies aim at the determination of the interfacial area concentration and the mass transfer coefficients in the two-phase flow of the scrubber.
  • Investigation of iodine retention in water pools under conditions relevant to fuel handling accidents. This includes determination of the hydrodynamic characteristics of the water pool during fuel handling accident, and application of the hydrodynamic data for iodine retention analysis.
  • Investigation of retention of organic iodides, modelled by methyl iodide (CH3I) in liquid pools. The effect of hydrodynamics is investigated, in addition, possibilities for improved retention of methyl iodide will be investigated using, e.g., solid additives. The possibility of using additives to ensure long-term stability of iodine in the liquid is also explored