Journal Papers 2021

  • Lind T, Pellegrini M, Herranz LE, Sonnenkalb M, Nishi Y, Tamaki H, et al.
    Overview and outcomes of the OECD/NEA benchmark study of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPS (BSAF), Phase 2 – Results of severe accident analyses for unit 3
    Nuclear Engineering and Design. 2021; 376: 111138 (12 pp.).
  • Nichenko S, Kalilainen J, Fernandez Moguel L, Lind T
    Modelling of fission products release in VERDON-1 experiment with cGEMS: coupling of severe accident code MELCOR with GEMS thermodynamic modelling package
    Annals of Nuclear Energy. 2021; 152: 107972 (11 pp.).
  • Skolik K, Allison C, Hohorst J, Malicki M, Perez-Ferragut M, Pieńkowski L, et al.
    Analysis of loss of coolant accident without ECCS and DHRS in an integral pressurized water reactor using RELAP/SCDAPSIM
    Progress in Nuclear Energy. 2021; 134: 103648 (15 pp.).