Journal Papers 2016

Outcomes from the EURATOM-ROSATOM ERCOSAM SAMARA projects on containment thermal-hydraulics for severe accident management
D. Paladino, M. Andreani, S. Guentay, G. Mignot, R. Kapulla, S. Paranjape, M. Sharabi, A. Kisselev, T. Yudina, A. Filippov, M. Kamnev, A. Khizbullin, O. Tyurikov, Z. Liang, D. Abdo, J. Brinster, F. Dabbene, S. Kelm, M. Klauck, L. Götz, R. Gehr, J. Malet, A. Bentaib, A. Bleyer, P. Lemaitre, E. Porcheron, S. Benz, T. Jordan, Z. Xu, C. Boyd, A. Siccama, D. Visser
Nuclear Engineering and Design 308, 103

Bubbly, Slug, and Annular Two-Phase Flow in Tight-Lattice Subchannels
H.-M. Prasser, C. Bolesch, K. Cramer, D. Ito, P. Papadopoulos, A. Saxena, R. Zboray
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 48, 847

Large Scale Experiments Simulating Hydrogen Distribution in a Spent Fuel Pool Building During a Hypothetical Fuel Uncovery Accident Scenario
G. Mignot, S. Paranjape, D. Paladino, B.S. Jäckel, A. Rýdl
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 48, 881

RANS modeling of fluid flow and dust deposition in nuclear pebble-beds
S.T. Jayaraju, F. Roelofs, E.M.J. Komen, A. Dehbi
Nuclear Engineering and Design 308, 222

Liquid film dynamics of two-phase annular flow in square and tightlattice subchannels
D. Ito, P. Papadopoulos, H.-M. Prasser
Nuclear Engineering and Design 300, 467

Cladding oxidation during air ingress. Part II: Synthesis of modelling results
E. Beuzet, F. Haurais, C. Bals, O. Coindreau, L. Fernandez-Moguel, A. Vasiliev, S. Park
Annals of Nuclear Energy 93, 18

Benchmark Study of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPS: Best-Estimate Case Comparison
M. Pellegrini, K. Dolganov, L.E. Herranz, H. Bonneville, D. Luxat, M. Sonnenkalb, J. Ishikawa, J.H. Song, R.O. Gauntt, L. Fernandez-Moguel, F. Payot, Y. Nishi
Nuclear Technology 196, 198

A unified correlation for steam condensation rates in the presence of air–helium mixtures under naturally driven flows
A. Dehbi
Nuclear Engineering and Design 300, 601

Experimental Investigation of a Turbulent Particle-Laden Flow Inside a Cubical Differentially Heated Cavity
J. Kalilainen, P. Rantanen, T.M. Lind, A. Auvinen, A. Dehbi
Journal of Aerosol Science 100, 73

Key Findings from the Artist Project on Aerosol Retention in a Dry Steam Generator
A. Dehbi, D.J. Suckow, T.M. Lind, S. Guentay, S. Danner, R. Mukin
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 48, 870

Land contamination activity data interpretation from Fukushima Daiichi accident
B.S. Jäckel, A. Bevilacqua, G. Ducros, R.O. Gauntt, J. Stuckert
Nuclear Engineering and Design 300, 28

Particle deposition modeling in the secondary side of a steam generator bundle model
R. Mukin, Dehbi
Nuclear Engineering and Design 299, 112

Integral analyses of fission product retention at mitigated thermally-induced SGTR using ARTIST experimental data
A. Rýdl, T.M. Lind, J.C. Birchley
Nuclear Engineering and Design 297, 175

OECD/NEA Sandia Fuel Project phase I: Benchmark of the ignition testing
M. Adorni, L.E. Herranz, T. Hollands, K.I. Ahn, C. Bals, F. D'Auria, G.L. Horvath, B.S. Jäckel, H.-C. Kim, J.-J. Lee, M. Ogino, Z. Techy, A. Velasquez-Lozada, G.A. Zigh, R. Rehacek
Nuclear Engineering and Design 307, 418