Conference Articles





Recent Research Activities on High Temperature Pebble Bed Reactors at PSI
J. Kalilainen, H.-M. Prasser, T.M. Lind, J. Krepel, W. Schenler
HTR, Las Vegas, USA

The effect of thermal-hydraulic conditions on iodine retention in a wet scrubber of the FCVS
T.M. Lind, I. Beghi, L. Opilik, D.J. Suckow
11th NUTHOS, Gyeongju, Korea

Impact of containment venting on source term for Fukushima-like BWR scenarios
A. Rýdl, L. Fernandez-Moguel, T.M. Lind
11th NUTHOS, Gyeongju, Korea

Thermal-hydraulic evaluation of the system code TRACE/PARCS using different sets of cross-sections
P. Papadopoulos, A. Sehkri, P. Hidalga, G. Verdu
11th NUTHOS, Gyeongju, Korea

Preliminary insights from the PASSAM project: investigation on enhancement of source term mitigation
T. Albiol, L.-E. Herranz, E. Riera, C. Dalibart, T.M. Lind, A. del Corno, T. Kärkelä, N. Losch, B. Azambre
11th NUTHOS, Gyeongju, Korea

Conclusion of the International OECD/NEA-NUGENIA Iodine workshop
D. Jacquemain, T. Albiol, S. Dickinson, L.-E. Herranz, F. Funke, G. Glowa, S. Gupta, H. Hoshi, T. Kärkelä, M. Kissane, T.M. Lind, M. Salay, J.-H. Song, J.-P. van Dorsselaere
11th NUTHOS, Gyeongju, Korea

Comparison of Hydrogen Flame Acceleration Predictions using the Eddy-Dissipation and the Turbulent Flame Closure
Y. Halouane, A. Dehbi
6th CFD4NRS, Boston, USA

Large Eddy Simulation of Free Convection Particle Transport Inside Cavities at Rayleigh Numbers up to 1010
A. Dehbi, J. Kalilainen
6th CFD4NRS, Boston, USA

Determination of the Decontamination Factor in Two-Phase Flows using Wire-Mesh Sensors
P. Papadopoulos, K. Baur, T.M. Lind, H.-M. Prasser
SWINTH, Livorno, Italy