Conference Articles





Planning Support and Preliminary Post-test Analysis of QUENCH-L0 using SCDAP/RELAP and SCDAP/Sim
L. Fernandez Moguel, J.C. Birchley
ICAPP, Nice, France

Assessment of SCDAP/RELAP5 Modelling of Top-down Reflood, using PARAMETER Bundle Experiments
J.C. Birchley, L. Fernandez Moguel
ICAPP, Nice, France

Scaling of a PWR Steam Generator Simulator with the Help of CFDA
A. Dehbi, H. Badreddine
14th NURETH Conference, Toronto, Canada

An Overview of past and present Activities in the Severe Accident Domain within the Framework of WGAMA
S. Güntay
14th NURETH Conference, Toronto, Canada