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BRIDGE workshop participants

Japanese – Swiss BRIDGE Workshop at PSI

BRIDGE stands for Bridging Research Innovations in Diverse muon and neutron science by GEneral collaboration between Japan and Switzerland. After a first remote edition of this new workshop series in 2022, an in-person BRIDGE workshop took place at PSI, October 18-20, 2023.

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Consiglio et al

Electron Glass Phase with Resilient Zhang-Rice Singlets in LiCu3O3

LiCu3O3 is an antiferromagnetic mixed valence cuprate where trilayers of edge-sharing Cu(II)O (3d9) are sandwiched in between planes of Cu(I) (3d10) ions, with Li stochastically substituting Cu(II). Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) and density functional theory reveal two insulating electronic subsystems that are segregated in spite of sharing common oxygen atoms: a Cu dz2/O pz derived valence band (VB) dispersing on the Cu(I) plane, and a Cu 3dx2−y2/O 2px,y derived Zhang-Rice singlet (ZRS) band dispersing on the Cu(II)O planes.

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Tam et al

Flat-band hybridization between f and d states near the Fermi energy of SmCoIn5

We present high-quality angle-resolved photoemission (ARPES) and density functional theory calculations (DFT+U) of SmCoIn5. We find broad agreement with previously published studies of LaCoIn5 and CeCoIn5, confirming that the Sm 4f electrons are mostly localized. Nevertheless, our model is consistent with an additional delocalized Sm component, stemming from hybridization between the 4f electrons and the metallic bands at “hot spot” positions in the Brillouin zone. 

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