Our future-oriented projects


The diverse research programmes of CNM scientists, providing insights into the building blocks of matter and the functionality of materials, are based on and enabled by our expertise in developing, building, and operating unique instrumentation. We make this expertise, together with our instrumentation, available to the international scientific user community. Both our own as well as the research of our user community provides the motivation for continuous upgrades of our facilities, highlighting the close synergies between our efforts in instrumentation and the research being performed with it.

Our vision for the future remains focused on accelerating this synergetic loop of innovation via continuous and strategic upgrades of our facilities, as well as the investment in new facilities both at PSI and internationally. While pursuing this vision, we aim at further enhancing the cross-pollination between our research and instrumentation programmes. Please find a list of our upgrade projects with more details below. The timeline for five largest projects that require planning and resources across all of CNM and are carried out in collaboration and coordination with the central technical divisions CAS and CCS is shown above.