Materials Science Group

MS group
From the left Michael Lange, Antonio Cervellino, Barbara Ramirez Almaguer, Manuel Wilke, Nicola Casati, Tomasz Poreba, Dominik Meister

We also provide a commercial service in collaboration with Excelsus Structural Solutions for studies of crystals of small organic molecules of pharmaceutical interest.

Dr. Michal Andrzejewski

Dr. Voraksmy Ban
Postdoc, PD

Dr. Claudia Cancellieri
Postdoc, SD

Dr. Shaun Evans
Postdoc, PD

Dr. Martin Fisch
Postdoc, PD

Dr. Ruggero Frison
Scientist, PD (Excelsus Structural Solutions)

Irakli Kalichava
PhD Student, SD

Michael Lange

Dr. Sergiy Katrych
Scientist, PD (Excelsus Structural Solutions)

Arianna Lanza
PhD Student, PD

Yu-Chen Liu
PhD Student (National Cheng Kung University )

Domenico Martoccia
PhD Student, SD

Dr. Paolo Mazzeo
Postdoc, PD (Excelsus Structural Solutions)

Ahmed Mohammed
PhD Student, PD

Sonia Moreno Infantes
PhD Student (University of Rioja)

Dr. Bruce Patterson
Beamline Manager, SD/PD

Tomasz Poreba
PhD Student

Dr. Andrea Prodi

Dr. Barbara Araceli Ramirez Almaguer
Postdoc, PD (
Excelsus Structural Solutions and Instituto de Física UNAM in collaboration with PSI)


Dr. Trond Ramsvik

Christian Schlepuetz
PhD Student, SD

Mathilde Schmitt
PhD Student, SD

Dr. Petra Simoncic
Postdoc, PD

Simona Sorbara
PhD Student (Politecnico di Milano)

Dr. Manuel Wilke

Willmott, Phil Prof.
Group Leader