Gallery PSI-BOIL

Flow dynamics and heat transfer characteristics of impinging jets (Ref.).

LES of flow through staggered tube bundle (Ref.).
Natural convection in a square enclosure with a circular cylinder (Ref.).

Rising air bubble at different Eötvös and Morton numbers. Reynolds number indicates the terminal velocity (Ref.).
Rising single air bubble in stagnant water (Ref.).

Bubble column simulation using finite-size Lagrangian particle tracking method (Ref.).
Coupling of finite-size Lagrangian particle and color function (Ref.).

Nucleate boiling from a single nucleation site using micro-layer model (Ref.).
Boiling flow simulations from nucleate boiling to film boiling through DNB (Ref.).

Convective boiling from a single nucleation site using micro-region model (Ref.).

Evolution of vorticity around a boiling disturbance wave (Ref.).

Droplet on surfaces with different concentration of pillars (Ref.).