Dr. Jack William Harrison

Jack Harrison
Paul Scherrer Institute PSI
Forschungsstrasse 111
5232 Villigen PSI

Jack Harrison is a postdoctoral researcher in the Microspectroscopy Group at the Swiss Light Source. He completed an integrated master's degree in Physics (MPhys) at the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) in 2019. For his master's thesis, he performed x-ray diffraction and low-temperature, high-field SQUID magnetometry studies on candidate spin-ice materials. After this, he worked as a Physics PhD student in the Quantum Materials group in the Condensed Matter Physics department at Oxford, completing his PhD in 2023. His PhD research was focused on the study of topological antiferromagnetic textures in ultra-thin iron oxide thin films and membranes.

As part of the "play it again" project with Sebastian Gliga, Jack is developing a set of techniques for recovering the data from damaged magnetic audiovisual tapes utilising circularly-polarised x-rays and the magnetic dichroism effect. He also works with a variety of other investigative techniques such as SEM and MFM to understand the microstructure of tapes at various stages of the degredation process.

Jack's research focuses on x-ray synchrotron measurements of iron-based magnetic materials to understand their magnetic structure and properties. His current project is aimed towards developing a high-fidelity, fast, and reliable readout technique for recovering the data from degrading or damaged audiovisual tapes. These tapes contain archives of much of the world's audiovisual history, so the goal is to recover, digitise, and back up the data before these important resources are lost forever.

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