X-band prototype structure

Radio-frequency structures at X-band frequencies (~ 12 GHZ) are being considered for applications in compact Free Electron Lasers, medical linacs, a future linear collider (CLIC project) and as a diagnostic for measuring ultra-short (femtosecond) electron pulses in FELs. A first prototype of such a structure has been built at PSI employing the realization procedures that have been developed for the C-Band (6 GHz) structures of the SwissFEL linac. The structure was designed in the framework of a collaboration between CERN and the Large Research Facilities Division (GFA) of PSI with the financial support of the SNF (grant 20FL20_147463). The individual cells were precision machined by the company “VDL Enabling Technologies Group Switzerland AG” and the structure brazed by the mechanical engineering department (AMI) at PSI. In the near future, it will be tested at high power on a test bench at CERN.
X-band structure and its input/output power couplers.