Within the ReMaP research consortium (, the Energy Economics Group (EEG) investigates the interaction of local energy systems platforms with the electricity market and we quantitatively analyze their profitability under suitable use cases.

The EEG works mainly in ReMaP Experiment T3.10 where a prosumage system is considered that covers electricity & heat demand in interaction with the day-ahead electricity market. Within ReMaP, we include multi-energy-conversions platforms as market players in a game-theoretic market equilibrium model which comprises the day-ahead power markets of Switzerland and surrounding countries. Results include hourly operating patterns during typical days per season, which yield optimal profitability for the players, and include also the reactions of the other national and cross-national players of the surrounding countries, which eventually determine the electricity market prices. The market equilibrium tool is the technically detailed (i.e. fundamental) Cross-Border-Electricity-Market (BEM) model built by the EEG ( BEM is a market model designed for real-world data application in Switzerland and its neighboring countries. The BEM model allows for imperfect competition through a Nash-Cournot mechanism, such that price peaks on the electricity market can be modelled more realistically.