Field-tuned quantum renormalization of spin dynamics in the honeycomb lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet YbCl3

The basis for our understanding of quantum magnetism has been the study of elegantly simple model systems. However, even for the antiferromagnetic honeycomb lattice with isotropic spin interactions – one of the simplest model systems – a detailed understanding of quantum effects is still lacking. Here, using inelastic neutron scattering measurements of the honeycomb lattice material YbCl3, we elucidate how quantum effects renormalize the singlemagnon and multimagnon excitations and how this renormalization can be tuned and ultimately driven to the classical limit by applying a magnetic field.

Additionally, our work reveals that the quantum effects tuned by the magnetic field not only renormalize the magnetic excitations but also induce a distinctive sharp feature inside the multimagnon continuum. From a more general perspective, this result demonstrates that structures within magnetic continua can occur over a wide experimental parameter space and can be used as a reliable means of identifying quantum phenomena.

Facility: SINQ

Reference: G. Sala et al, Communications Physics 6, 234 (2023)

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