Events organized by the PSI Bio-Division

4. July 2024, PSI

One-day workshop by Dr. Ajasja Ljubetic (National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana). The workshop will cover the basics of modern tools for protein engineering / design (Rosetta, proteinMPNN, RFdiffusion, AlphaFold2). For registration, please contact the organizer Volodymyr Korhkov.

The Organizing Committee: Volodymyr Korhkov

in collaboration with Marco Foiani (IFOM - The FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology, IT) and Caroline Uhler ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US), G.V. Shivashankar (PSI/LNB) was organizing the 2024 EMBO workshop on Nuclear Mechanogenomics, held in Sardinia, Italy, from April 16 to April 19 2024.

The workshop will give an insight into all the practical aspects of tomography and sub-tomogram averaging using Dynamo software developed by Dr. Daniel Castaño Diez (https:// Without any previous experience in tomography, the participants will be guided through the full processing pipeline, starting with raw tilt series, tomogram reconstruction, sub-tomogram alignment, averaging and classification.

The Organising Committee: Emiliya Poghosyan, Volodymyr Korkhov, Takashi Ishikawa, Spencer Bliven, Daniel Castaño Diez (CSIC), Raffaele Coray (CSIC), Alma Vivas Lago (CSIC). 

5 September 2022, PSI education center, OSGA 006

From X-ray and neutrons over electrons to magnetism

The Organizing Committee: Anne Bonnin, Jinghui Luo

26. - 27. October 2021, online

Hosted by the Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology, the Cellular Structural Biology & Bioimaging online symposium brings together top experts in structural biology of dynamic biomolecular complexes, in-situ structural biology, integrative structural and cell biology across scales, and cutting-edge methods development. 

Confirmed Speakers: John Briggs, Petr Chlanda, Ben Engel, Kay Gruenewald, Dorit Hanein, Takashi Ishikawa, Volodymyr Korkhov, Wanda Kukulski, Ohad Medalia, Adrian Wanner, Benoit Zuber

12. - 14. April 2021, online

Keynote Speakers: Bryan Roth, Evi Kostenis, Xavier Deupi

The 4th ERNEST conference – Insights from structures of signalling complexes and computational modelling of GPCR signalling.

Please visit the ERNEST CONFERENCE WEBSITE for the programme, speaker information, registration, and abstract submission.

The Organizing Committee: Gebhard Schertler, Gregor Cicchetti, Francine Weber, Xavier Deupi

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