Multi Collector - Electron Beam Ion Source - 
 Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry (MC-EBIS-ICP-MS)

The AHL is adapting / developing its analytical tools to the needs of the researcher as much as possible. The coupling of an electron beam ion source (EBIS) together with a multicollector (MC) inductive coupled plasma (ICP) mass spectrometer (MS) is a typical example of this process.

This in-house development (first of its kind to our knowledge) enables a strong improvement in the determination of high precision isotope ratios e.g. U-235/U-238 0.009% relative standard deviation (rsd); Nd-143/Nd-144 0.0006 % rsd as well as in the determination of isotopic ratios of fission gas.

At the moment, a fume hood is under development to enable the radioactive use of this instrument. The development of this instrument was made possible through the competence of the hot laboratory engineers gained by decade use and update of analytic instrument.

Sketch of MC-EBIS-ICP-MS