Scientific Highlights

10. Mai 2023
Cement hydration on the micro- and nanoscale

A deep look into hydration of cement

Researchers led by the University of Málaga show the Portland cement early age hydration with microscopic detail and high contrast between the components. This knowledge may contribute to more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

19. Oktober 2022
SPIE Fellow Manuel Guizar-Sicairos

Dr. Manuel Guizar-Sicairos elected as SPIE Fellow member

Dr. Manuel Guizar-Sicairos was elected as a 2022 SPIE Fellow Member for his contributions to coherent lensless imaging, including ptychography and X-ray nano-tomography. The distinction was awarded in the SPIE’s Optics & Photonics conference in San Diego, California.

20. Juli 2022

The chemical complex that regulates body zinc storage

Zinc deficiency compromises the immune system and is a global public health problem. Through experiments at the Swiss Light Source SLS and BESSYII, researchers gained new insights into zinc storage, with implications for understanding COVID-19 severity.

11. Januar 2022
Revealing invisible defects in fusion reactor armor

Revealing invisible defects in fusion reactor armor

In an exciting collaboration, Nick Phillips, a PSI Fellow at the cSAXS beamline, reveals nanoscale lattice distortions created by invisible defects in fusion reactor armor. This work develops the current understanding of how the smallest, but most prevalent defects, generated during neutron irradiation behave. The novel Bragg ptychographic approach published in Nature Communications paves the way for fast, robust, 3D Bragg ptychography.