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General Information

For detailed user information please refer to PSI User Office. For detailed TOMCAT beamline informations please refer to Endstations.

Beamtime scheduling

The scheduling periods and deadlines for calls for proposals can be found in detail at SLS Proposal Calls.
Beamlines Call schedule (non-PX)
Experimental Period 2017-I 2017-II
Call 2016/08/08 2017/02/08
Submission deadline 2016/09/15 2017/03/15
Start period 2017/01/01 2017/07/01
End period, Normal/Test/Pilot 2017/06/30 2017/12/31
EVALUATION closed closed


  • Proposers interested in an experiment at this beamline are asked to contact one of the beamline scientists prior to submitting a proposal.
  • Proposals have to be submitted using the SLS Digital Users Office (DUO).
  • Important deadlines for proposal submissions can be found at SLS Proposal Calls.
The overbooking factor at the TOMCAT beamline is typically 2 - 2.5. Shortly after the submission deadlines (see above), the proposals are reviewed confidentially by an independent committee (Proposal Review Committee, PRC). After review, notification of success or failure is automatically sent to the main proposer by the DUO system. The successful proposals are then scheduled. Scheduling is an iterative procedure carried out by the beamline scientists [see Staff]. Every effort is made to accommodate the wishes of the users regarding the convenience of the allocated shift dates. It is therefore very important that the proposers fill out the portion of the proposal requesting information about preferred and inconvenient dates, as this considerably facilitates scheduling.

Long-term proposals extend over three scheduling periods. Justification for submitting a long-term proposal should be compelling. In general, proposals for experiments that are considered to be "high-risk" are unlikely to obtain long-term status until their feasibility has been proven. Even then, it should be apparent to the PRC, such as through publications in high-profile journals, that long-term status is justified.

Beamline Schedule

You can access the current TOMCAT schedule in the SLS Operation Calendar.

Preparing For Beamtime

It is recommended that the proposer contact a beamline scientist (see Staff) in advance of his/her experiment to adequately prepare for his/her beamtime. He/she should first carefully check this website, (endstations or detectors), to see what is available at TOMCAT. In addition, requests for dosimeters can be obtained by the DUO.

Please consider the following points for discussion with the beamline scientist:
  • Desired photon energy?
  • Desired spatial/temporal resolution(s)?
  • Classical absorption-based or phase contrast imaging?
  • Transmission of the sample at the desired photon energy?
  • Sample mounting possibilities and constraints?
  • In situ setups?
  • Number of hard drives required for the experiments?
Setting up an experiment is, in general, performed as part of the allocated beamtime. Under favorable circumstances, it may be possible to complete some part of the setup in the experimental hutch in advance. This depends on whether the hutch is being used by another user immediately prior to the beamtime. Check with the relevant beamline scientist for this information.

During Beamtime

Shift Schedule
Morning Shift 07:00 - 15:00
Evening Shift 15:00 - 23:00
Night Shift 23:00 - 07:00
User support is available from 07.00 until 23.00 during the week, using the numbers posted at the beamline and under the contact numbers on the website. On the weekend, user support is organized via the local contact.

Machine Status

The current beam status can be viewed at the SLS Realtime Status page.