User Information

For detailed user information please refer to PSI User Office.
For detailed TOMCAT beamline informations please refer to Endstations.
Please refer to the page describing how to write a proposal for TOMCAT for information regarding the proposal process.

The scheduling periods and deadlines for calls for proposals can be found in detail at SLS Proposal Calls.
Beamlines Call schedule (non-PX)
Experimental Period 2019-II 2020-I
Call 2019/02/08 2019/08/08
Submission deadline 2019/03/15 2019/09/15
Start period 2019/07/01 2020/01/01
End period, Normal/Test/Pilot 2019/12/31 2020/06/30
EVALUATION closed closed
You can access the current TOMCAT schedule in the SLS Operation Calendar.
Detailed information about the preparation for and the execution of beamtime at the TOMCAT beamline can be found in our user guides:
The current beam status can be viewed at the SLS Realtime Status page.
Safety information can be found on our Safety page.