Call for Proposals

SINQ - call for proposals II/18, proposal submission deadline: July 20, 2018

Some instruments (FOCUS, EIGER, TASP, DMC, HRPT and SANS-II) are open for a second call in 2018 with a proposal submission deadline on July 20, 2018 - midnight. After that and because of the SINQ upgrade in 2019 - the next call will then be launched in early 2020. More information will be given here in due time.

The Digital User Office will be open for proposal submission approximately 4-5 weeks before the deadline. Of course editing and saving of proposals is possible any time.

Next Scheduling Periods

  • July - December 2018 (I/18)
  • October - December 2018 (II/18) for FOCUS, EIGER, TASP, DMC, HRPT and SANS-II only

Available Instruments

The following instruments will be operational and available in 2018:
Powder Diffractometers HRPT, DMC
Single Crystal Diffractometer ZEBRA
Strain Scanner POLDI
Small Angle Scattering SANS-I, SANS-II
Reflectometer AMOR
Triple Axis Spectrometers TASP, EIGER
Time-of-Flight Spectrometer FOCUS
Neutron Imaging NEUTRA, ICON, N-Microscope

Please note:
The RITA-II triple-axis spectrometer is going to be replaced by the new CAMEA spectrometer and will not be available in 2018 anymore. Additionally, beamtime on the instrument MORPHEUS can be allocated by contacting the instrument responsible directly. The backscattering spectrometer MARS has been dismantled and is no longer available!
PSI launches also a call for joint X-ray and neutron proposals (SLS/MS-Powder beamline and SINQ/HRPT) in the field of powder diffraction. Detailed information can be obtained here.