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The Thin Films and Interfaces Group

Progress in energy technology is closely related to the development of new functional materials. Advancing competence in the preparation and characterisation of new functional materials is therefore a strategic aim of our group. Due to its focus on application in energy technology, this research program differs from those of Materials Research Departments at other Swiss research institutions.

Upcoming Group Seminars

Speaker: A. Fluri
Date: Monday 05 September 2016 16:30
Room: OFLG/402

ENE-Seminar: TBA
Speaker: K. Shimamoto
Date: Thursday 08 September 2016 11:00
Room: OSGA/EG6

Speaker: D. Pergolesi
Date: Monday 10 October 2016 16:30
Room: OFLG/402

Most recent Paper

Alejandro Ojeda-G-P, Christof W. Schneider, Max Döbeli, Thomas Lippert, and Alexander Wokaun
The importance of pressure and mass ratios when depositing multi-element oxide thin films by pulsed laser deposition
Applied Surface Science 389, 126–134 (2016)

Angle-resolved thickness and compositional analyses of BaTiO3, CaTiO3, La0.4Ca0.6MnO3, EuAlO3, and LiMn2O4were performed to study the influence of the background gas pressure when depositing multi-elemental oxide materials.With increasing gas pressure the typical forward directed deposition changesto a constant thickness at all angles. Compositional changes with respect to the target show dependencieson (in order of influence): target material, deposition pressure, and angular location (substrate size). A linear relationship was found between target mass-ratios and compositional deviations. This can lead to compositional deviations of up to 70% for large mass-ratios in certain pressure regimes. Link