Surface Science Lab

The LMNs "Surface Science Lab" is a multicomponent ultra-high vacuum system, which consists of the parts for the sample preparation (Ion sputtering, E-Beam evaporator, Molecular sublimator, ...) and for the sample analysis with Micro/Spectro-scopy Correlation (XPS,UPS,LEED,STM). A specially designed portable "vacuum suitcase" permits transport of samples in ultra-high vacuum from this lab to the any place with suitable mounting and therefore offers possibility to analyze the same sample with the different methods i.e. at the SLS or in the NanoLab at the University of Basel.

Sketch of the Surface Science Lab


Sample Analysis:
  • XPS   (X-ray PhotoElectron Spectrocopy) with Monochromator
  • UPS   (UV PhotoElectron Spectrocopy)
  • LEED (Low Energy Electoron Diffraction)
  • STM   (Scanning Tunneling Microscope)
  • Mass Spectrometry


Sample preparation:
MOLEVA.jpg suitcase.jpg