OPTICS - X05DA and Metrology Laboratory

Beamline X05DA

(The beamline is currently offline till 2026 due to the SLS 2.0 upgrade)

The mission of the Optics Test Beamline at the bending magnet X05DA is optics and instrumentation related R & D, in-house research and training. The main performance parameters of the Si(111) cannel-cut monochromator with toroidal focusing mirror are summarized in the following table.

Energy range 5.5 - 22.5 keV
Flux at 10 keV >1 x 1011 photons /sec /400 mA
Energy resolution 0.03%
Focused spot size 140 µm x 70 µm (h x v)

More information about the beamline in: U. Flechsig et al., "The Optics Beamline at the Swiss Light Source", Nuclear Instruments and Methods A, 609 (2009), pp. 281-285, doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2009.07.092.

Metrology Laboratory

The mission of the Metrology Laboratory in the class 10000 cleanroom WSLA/022 is quality measurement of X-ray optics. There are three main instruments: the Long Trace Profiler (LTP) for 1d figure measurements, the Zygo Verifire ATZ interferometer for 2d figure measurements and the Zygo NexView NX2 for roughness measurements.