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MORPHEUS: Two-axes neutron diffractometer & reflectometer

MORPHEUS is a versatile two-axis diffractometer. Reflectometric measurements and simple crystallographic tasks are the domain of MORPHEUS as well as it is a basis for tests and preliminary measurements in the development of new instrumentation concepts. Unique possibilities exist for the characterization of neutron optical coatings in conjunction with the polarised beam option.

A Ultra Small Angle Neutron Scattering (USANS) option is available on Morpheus. For details see ECHO.

The instrument can be used in conjunction with:

  • the development of supermirror coatings for neutron guides
  • quality control of multilayer coatings and polarizers produced at PSI and elsewhere
  • test of polarizing equipment
  • sample alignment
  • the implementation and test of electronic components for neutron spectrometers
  • feasibility studies for experiments as neutron topo-tomography
  • tests of prototypes for new instruments as e.g. MARS
  • ultra small angle neutron scattering (ECHO)

MORPHEUS is not accessible via the regular SINQ proposal procedure because it is primarily a test instrument. Please contact the instrument responsible for possible beam time.